April 9, 2020 — I’m happy to announce that my latest album Night Visions is now officially available for purchase, through this Indiegogo InDemand site:


Night Visions CDs (signed and unsigned), downloads, charts, 4 other albums and more are available thru the site.

The Covid 19 pandemic has disrupted things to the point where I’m holding off on a “full-release” for the time being. Eventually I’ll release it online (downloads, purchases, streaming).

Thanks to the generosity of Indiegogo Contributors and Donors, I was able to recoup all expenses.

Update 5/28/2020: Night Visions has been released online via CD Baby and is widely available for purchase and streaming online (please purchase if you like the music!).

Night Visions (2020), Dreamers (2013), Go There (2007), Guitarspeak (1999 previously unreleased), In The Stream (1992) are also available at scottsawyer.bandcamp.com

Update 1/18/2020: Additional purchases help me to keep moving while Durham Jazz Workshop and public performances remain shutdown.~ SS

Review 5/31/2020 – Medium.com (Jim Dixon) https://medium.com/@88dixon/first-listen-scott-sawyers-night-visions-1866963bfd82

Review 1/18/2021 – All About Jazz (Troy Dostert) https://www.allaboutjazz.com/night-visions-scott-sawyer-self-produced?fbclid=IwAR3HQXRfqTMg8KxTB_Ehsxi2UUToJ6OfjKvKZwGcyP98hon1mlD_2-N08O4