Guitarists, improvisers, songwriters, instrumentalists…are you:

  • Feeling stuck?
  • Looking for new ideas and approaches?
  • Interested in taking an inventory of “what you know”, and developing a more effective practice routine?
  • Wanting to better understand “music theory”, in an organic and musical way that supports making/performing, writing and arranging music?
  • Looking to strengthen your ears, and become a better improviser?
  • Looking to expand your harmonic palette and become a better accompanist?


Learn to play what you hear, and hear what you want to play. NO “Empty Scale Exercises”.

I’ve been instructing for many years. My approach varies…I don’t have a ‘one size fits all’ method, but all students are presented with core materials that transcend particular genres.  I’ve learned that what works well for one student may not for another, as there are different styles of learning. Like you, I have my strengths and weaknesses. If you’re interested in improvising, I can help you find ‘your voice‘.

If you’re interested in accompaniment, or learning more about how music works and how that applies in a practical manner to your music and the guitar; I’m here to help you.

I mostly work with intermediate and advanced students (working musicians, hobbyists, guitarists and non-guitarists). ~ SS

Durham Jazz Workshop (Durham, NC). 1-on-1 lessons, Instrumental Combos and Workshops, Vocal Workshop (Individual and Group).

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  • *Contact Scott directly for lesson rates, and to schedule/pay for individual lessons. or 919-423-4853
  • **Contact Durham Jazz Workshop for info and to register for Combos, Group Lessons, Instrumental and Vocal Workshops. Rates vary, call or email Dave Finucane (Director) to ensure that the class is a good fit for you. 919.486-5299 (JAZZ)