Once upon a time, guitarist SCOTT SAWYER envisioned a new band, to interpret his music and his arrangements of other people’s music…an electric power trio with a healthy respect for space.

One fine day, he heard the album “Righteous” by a band called “DAG”; the groove got his attention, he knew DAG members Bobby Patterson (bass) & Kenny Soule (drums), but they hadn’t worked together.

After a pickup gig in Raleigh, NC, they rehearsed for a gig on April 15th, 1999 (which inspired the re-do of George Harrison’s “Taxman”). They named the band GO THERE.

Eventually life got in the way and GO THERE disbanded in December 2004.

In November 2006, Sawyer returned to the studio. He enlisted musicians Kenny Soule, Kofi Burbridge, Oteil Burbridge and Ron Brendle. The result: “SCOTT SAWYER-GO THERE”