I purchased a very special Zion Primera from Ken Hoover and Jim Gray, way back in 1996.

This was my main guitar until about 3 years ago. I have no idea how many hours this instrument has been in my hands…countless performances and lessons, and many recording sessions, It proved to be a very versatile instrument, and I used it for all music…quiet jazz, loud jazz, blues, roots, raging funk fusion…etc.

Time marches on, and things change….the neck profile does not work so well for me anymore, and I have rarely played the guitar during the last 3 years. It’s a beautiful instrument, and deserves to be played. Very balanced, sound-wise and strapped on. 2 humbuckers: a Fralin in the neck and a Duncan JB in the bridge. Push/Pull pots (I think they split the coils?). Sperzel locking tuners.

If you’ve seen me perform live from 1996-2014, chances are you’ve seen and heard this guitar. I’ve used it on the following commercially released albums:

Scott Sawyer “Dreamers”; Doll Records 2013 (3 Grammy ballot nominations)

Scott Sawyer “Go There”; Doll Records 2007 (w/ Oteil and Kofi Burbridge)


as a sideman…


Stephen Anderson – 360° Jazz Initiative “Distracted Society” Summit Records 2015

Bruce Piephoff   “Soft Soap Purrings”, Speranza 2014

Keith Waters “Carolina Tracks”, 2012

The Meldavians  “Farewell Arigemon”, 2012

Bruce Piephoff  “Still Looking Up at the Stars”; Speranza, 2012

Lois Deloatch “Roots: Jazz, Blues & Spirituals”, 2010

Nnenna Freelon “Homefree”; Concord Records, 2010

Lois Deloatch  “Hymn To Freedom”; Improv Media, 2008

Gary Brunotte  “Manic Moments“, 2007

Lois Deloatch “Closure”; Myriad Publishing Inc., 2005

Nnenna Freelon  Nnenna Freelon “Live”; Concord Records, 2003

Ghezzi  “Clearing”; Doll Records, 1999

Lois Dawson (Deloatch-Gomes)  “Sunrise”; Myriad Publishing Inc., 1998

Ed Paolantonio “Dad’s Blues”; Paolo Productions, 1998

Bill Anschell  “a different note all together”; Accurate Records, 1998

Bill Anschell & Blowhard: Jazz Player Magazine “play-along” CD, 1997

Ghezzi  “Taking No Prisoners”; Doll Records, 1997

Informal “bidding” will start at $3000 for the guitar only.

For more information, you can reach me here: ss@scottsawyer DOT net or 919-423-4853. Please, no Facebook Messenger messages.

…I’ll post more “current” pictures of the Zion soon. ~  SS  July 20, 2017


Monterey Jazz Festival; 2003