selected discography



“Dreamers”; Doll Records 2013

“Go There”; Doll Records 2007

Scott Sawyer Quartet – The Alley; “Jazz Visions summer 1996”; Principal Records 1996

Featured on JazzSouth Sampler #2, a project of the Southern Arts Federation, 1995

Featured on JazzSouth Volume 7, a project of the Southern Arts Federation, 1993

“In The Stream”; Doll Records, 1993

Scott Sawyer “Two Sides” (LP); Doll Records 1986


David Childers & Bruce Piephoff “Army Town Madrigal” 2016

Andrea Osborne “It’s A Good Day”, 2015

Stephen Anderson-360° Jazz Initiative “Distracted Society”, Summit Records 2015

Bruce Piephoff “Soft Soap Purrings”, Speranza 2014 (Producer)

Keith Waters “Carolina Tracks”, 2012 (Associate Producer)

Nnenna Freelon & John Brown Big Band “Christmas”,  2012

The Meldavians “Farewell Arigemon”, 2012

Bruce Piephoff  “Still Looking Up at the Stars”; Speranza, 2012 (Producer)

Danny Gotham  “Guitarheel”, 2010

Bruce Piephoff & Scott Sawyer LIVE (download only), 2010

Lois Deloatch “Roots: Jazz, Blues & Spirituals”, 2010 (Co-Producer)

Nnenna Freelon “Homefree”; Concord Records, 2010

Lois Deloatch  “Hymn To Freedom”; Improv Media, 2008

The Beast – “Belly” (ep), 2008

Gary Brunotte  “Manic Moments“, 2007

Lois Deloatch “Closure”; Myriad Publishing Inc., 2005

Nnenna Freelon  Nnenna Freelon “Live”; Concord Records, 2003

Mike Waddell  “Defining Moments”; Ligature, 2001

Ghezzi  “Clearing”; Doll Records, 1999

Lois Dawson (Deloatch-Gomes)  “Sunrise”; Myriad Publishing Inc., 1998

Ed Paolantonio “Dad’s Blues”; Paolo Productions, 1998

Scott Ainslee “Terraplane”; Catail, 1998

Bill Anschell  “a different note all together”; Accurate Records, 1998

Bill Anschell & Blowhard: Jazz Player Magazine “play-along” CD, 1997

Ghezzi  “Taking No Prisoners”; Doll Records, 1997

1997 GRAMMY-NOMINATED  Nnenna Freelon “Shaking Free”; Concord Records, 1996

Jack Wilkins  “Artwork”; Koch International, 1995

Mike Waddell  “Not From Concentrate” Ligaturecords 1995

Ed Paolantonio  “Dedications”; Paolo Productions, 1994

Nnenna Freelon  “Listen”; Columbia, 1994

Paul Tardif  “Points of Departure“; Koch Internationalj 1993

Arranged/recorded “The Glory Of Love” w/ actor Danny Aiello for Cinecom film “Once Around”, 1991