July 8, 2020 — Prior to 3/24/20 I’d given a handful of real-time online lessons, but found the process to be awkward and frustrating at best…my technology couldn’t keep up.

The C-19 pandemic pushed me to get it together and try again as I was required to instruct my East Carolina University students online, the Durham Jazz Workshop shut down on March 13 and recently went to online classes, and for now I’m not meeting with any private students “in-person”. Performances canceled, bookings ceased.

So after almost 4 months of dealing with the pros and cons of online instruction, I’m very comfortable with it, learning how to be more effective, and most importantly (to me) really enjoying the process (my students are, too).

I’ve been instructing for many years, and have learned that there is more than one way to get from point A to point B. I have vast experience performing a very broad range of music and am here to help you. I provide students with personalized instruction, not “cookie cutter”.

Not sure we’ll “hit it off”? I’m happy to offer a FREE 15-minute online consultation to discuss what we could get into.

In the meantime, start here http://scottsawyer.net/instruction/

Upon request I’ll e-mail you info on lesson lengths/fees, and links to recordings and video.

Contact me here: http://scottsawyer.net/contact/ or ss@scottsawyer.net

Stay safe, Be Well. ~ SS